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22 January, 2012

top 5 branding lessons from richard branson

Last year I attended the Business Chicks Breakfast Series in Melbourne where Sir Richard Branson was the guest of honour. Having read his autobiography, I was anticipating keen insights into how he created one of the world’s most iconic brands. Here are the top five branding lessons I learned from Richard Branson.

Turn your employees into people who are proud of the company they work for.
According to Mr. Branson, “A company is nothing more than it’s people. If you staff are engaged in the organisation they work for, they will naturally promote it with the right spirit.”

Take risks.
“True entrepreneurs market their businesses in innovative ways” says Richard. Be bold with your marketing ideas and stand out in your market. Ensure you have a plan to mitigate any risks so you can proceed confidently.

If you don’t have money to spend on marketing, become your own brand.
Build an image for yourself and obtain PR with free seminars, stunts related to your business, or business open days. These events will give people many reasons to find out more about you.

Ensure your business’ values run through your marketing communications.
Consumers choose products and services by aligning themselves with values of an organisation. Your marketing initiatives should clearly communicate your values, whether it be value for money, quality, timeliness, or environmental consciousness so that your potential customers can confidently engage with your company.

Trust your instincts.
You know your business better than anyone. Don’t be a slave to trends. What works for one business may not work for the other. Build your confidence to base your marketing decisions on what you know to be true in your previous business experience and trust your intuition.