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11 September, 2014

The Mornington pop up Design Studio

Are you a food and beverage producer in or around the Mornington Peninsula region? We are coming to visit you!

Between Monday 13th October and Friday 7th November, AJD Creative will be launching our first Pop Up Studio, helping us to spread our expertise and experience to one of Victoria’s best food and wine regions. We want to work with local food and wine producers – closer to home!

So why have we opened a Pop Up Studio?

– Highlighting provenance is important to us. We want to help share the virtues of your wonderful region and highlight the amazing food and wine producers that make it so.

– We like a hands on approach. Working with boutique producers means we can work directly with the people who make your products and provide a highly personalised level of service. We like to put faces to names and develop strong relationships with our clients. After all, we want to be in it for the long haul to help you succeed. Opening a Pop Up Studio in Mornington means we are just around the corner!

What can local food and wine producers get out of our visit?

– You can experience the strategic food and beverage insight and experience of a Melbourne based agency, closer to home

– We offer private consultations where ideas will be shared about how to improve your branding; packaging, website, promotional material, with no obligation

– Looking to launch a new product? We can help from the ground up. We will visit your farm, factory, warehouse, winery, cellar door, etc. personally so that we can get an in depth understanding of your product philosophy, the production process, the raw ingredients, or in other words – what makes your produce special.

To meet with our team, feel free to call Alisha at the Melbourne studio to arrange an appointment!

Alisha Dunsford
Creative Director
T: 03 9489 5153

or send an email enquiry here.

Our Pop Up Studio will be located upstairs (Level 1) above Via Boffe, 74 Main Street, Mornington.