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08 March, 2017

Same Game, New Name.

People often ask me where my love of food comes from.

I’m certain its been gently shaped by hundreds of experiences, but one memory stands out as the exact moment in time when the world of food first revealed itself to me.

It was a Saturday morning when I was just 8 years old that my Aunty Julie first took me to the Camberwell Market in Melbourne. I vividly recall the aroma of freshly ground coffee, the sharp scent of cheeses in the air, visions of fruits and vegetables stacked neatly and precisely and the sounds of a communal, charismatic environment where food was not simply about satisfying hunger, it was a sensory, exploratory and all-encompassing way of life.

We’ve wanted to rebrand for a long time, but a name that encompassed not only our specialty in food, but also our growing expertise in beauty, fashion and lifestyle branding alluded us. A recent trip to Europe and a visit to the Östermalms Saluhall brought memories of my formative experience flooding back – and Marché (French for market) was born.

Markets are wonderful places that have so many memories and meanings attached to them and almost everybody has their own individual market experience of discovery and abundance to share. And as Designers, we are lucky to share in this same sense of discovery and abundance with our clients and their projects each and every day. Markets also are full of unique characters, and hey, we’ve always sought to work with people we enjoy spending time with.

As for the French interpretation of the word ‘market’, we wanted to reflect the sophistication that you have come to know and love from the work that we produce. Marché, the brand, is now the true reflection of everything we stand for and strive for every day for each of our clients, almost 12 years in the making but totally worth the wait.

Same game. New name.

Welcome to Marché.


FAQ’s about our name change and rebrand:

“This is a pretty big change for your business. Is Alisha still the owner?”

Yes, she is still the owner and single shareholder of the business.

“I have a project currently in progress with AJD Creative. What happens to our current contract?”

AJD Creative will continue to run as an trading name under our parent company, and therefore your contract will continue as per the original agreement. Your project when complete will be invoiced under our new trading name, Studio Marche.

“Will I need to read and sign a new Client Agreement?”

Yes. Our terms and conditions have changed to improve the clarity around our working relationship, and we’ll be methodically introducing this to all of our clients over the next few weeks.

“Are you going to have a launch party?”

Yes! The studio is very busy with lots of project work at the moment though, so we’ll plan something for later this year.

“Has your phone number, ABN or Bank Details changed?”

Our Bank Account is different and our email addresses have changed – they sport the domain instead.

“I see you have a new photo of your team. Who’s that guy?”

That’s Paul, our current Intern. He’ll be in the studio until April 2017.