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02 June, 2014

a/w food packaging and wine label design trends series

Consumers are extremely interested in where their food comes from and the methods behind it’s production. Although this has been a trend for several seasons, the customer’s desire for this information is showing no signs of slowing down. Does your product have a special provenance story to tell? If so, make it the centrepiece of your packaging strategy to increase your market cut through.

The products of ‘Food and Wine Artisans’ – that is someone who is completely and wholly integrated into the creation of their product – are an emerging trend you can not afford to ignore. Building on the trend of provenance – the process by which a product is crafted and the degree to which that process is authentic, traditional or ‘small batch,’ equates to a higher degree of exclusivity. Do you seed, grow, source, mix, churn, squash, ferment, pick, bake an aspect of your product yourself? Are you a master maker? Is your product wholly handmade? If so, tell the story behind the art and science of your product’s production and use that to your brand’s advantage in your packaging strategy.

Consumers have never been more aware of the relationship between an unhealthy diet and deeper health issues. The rapid increase in special dietary requirements such as gluten and dairy intolerance, coupled with the rise of ‘super foods’ that provide a clinical benefit upon eating, means consumers are now actively seeking out products that will fulfil their desire to eat, drink and live ‘clean.’ What benefits does your product provide that help the customer live a healthier, happier lifestyle? If you can make such claims, highlight their importance ‘front and centre’ in your packaging design.

Thanks largely to the likes of Masterchef, food and wine is no longer just about taste, pleasure and appetite satisfaction. Consumers have never been more educated about cooking techniques and the theatre of food. To satisfy their desire for multifaceted food experiences, what areas of your production process can you showcase to the consumer? Perhaps you can develop a marketing campaign around the experience of your product’s creation? Involving your customer in the theatre of what you create will deepen their loyalty and heighten their engagement.

Is your product made in a region of Australia that has a wonderful romance associated with it? Tap into the virtues of your product’s origin to enhance the emotion the consumer feels at the point of sale, and use the natural beauty of the location to support the benefits of your product. Do you want to communicate the innate goodness of your product; it’s freshness, life and vitality, or promote ‘clean and green’ living; organic production, or a ‘from farm to plate’ approach? Location based branding is a successful strategy you can use to achieve this.

As life becomes busier each and every day for consumers, the stronger their desire grows to return to the simple things in life for respite. The pleasure of creating something with love from scratch, or to enjoy food and wine carefully handcrafted by an artisan nourishes the soul. If your product is lovingly handcrafted or contains homegrown ingredients, make this a visual feature of your branding and packaging – and bring a little moment of relief to their busy lives.