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02 April, 2012

are you ready for facebook timeline?

Facebook has recently introduced a major revamp of Business Pages that will give you more control over the look and feel of your company’s page. Referred to as ‘Timeline,’ these changes will take effect permanently as of the 30th March 2012.

So what is Timeline?

In short, Timeline is a new layout for your Business Page that will replace the previous 1 column Profile layout. Your new page will have a large space at the top for an image – called a ‘Timeline Cover’ – and your posts, comments, images, etc. will appear beneath in a 2 column format listed in order of the most recent post.

To get started with the new Timeline layout, upload an interesting cover photo to showcase your brand. A cover photo is the best way to welcome and introduce people to your page and a unique, imaginative concept will also help your page to spread virally – here some innovative examples. You may also like to download our handy checklist that outlines how to maximise your company’s presence through the new Facebook-wide rollout.

For more of a detailed overview of the new Facebook Timeline please visit, or contact our studio for more information.